NEBA - FDA cleared brainwave ADHD assessment aid

NEBA - FDA cleared brainwave ADHD assessment aid

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NEBA is available by prescription and through licensed clinicians only.  NEBA is the first of a new kind of medical device cleared by FDA that uses brainwaves (EEG) to help clinicians more accurately diagnosis ADHD in children and adolescents (ages 6 – 17.99 years).

NEBA helps clinicians determine if symptoms are due to ADHD or some other condition. NEBA measures the electrical activity in the front part of the brain to derive a biomarker. NEBA then combines this information with the clinician’s diagnostic impression. Our FDA validation study (available from FDA’s website) showed that NEBA’s categorization can help clinicians reduce over diagnosis of ADHD to as low as 3%. See MRK0080/2015.03.25. 

TERMS. Initial order covers $199 NEBA account setup, NEBA equipment setup, and shipping. Our credentialing specialist will contact you after the order to validate appropriate licenses, to schedule technician and clinician training, and to complete required paperwork. If you do not qualify per the FDA label as a NEBA provider we will refund your setup fee. Once you receive the NEBA equipment, NEBA Health charges a nominal monthly rental fee, cancel at any time. Patient or third party payer pays clinician and given the NEBA provider plan you choose may also pay NEBA Health directly for services rendered.  USA Only.





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