Rent NEBA® Uplink™ with Free Brain Booster and Supplies

Rent NEBA® Uplink™ with Free Brain Booster and Supplies

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Treat your anxiety or insomnia without drugs with Uplink™, an FDA cleared medical device. Uplink applies a weak alternating electrical current behind the ears to treat your symptoms. 

And with this limited offer, you get -- FREE -- over $400 in supplies and supplements designed to help you maintain your brain health

Rent Uplink™ with no obligation and cancel anytime for $79 a month. After 10 payments you keep Uplink™.

Included FREE each month you'll get:
  • Brain Booster for maintaining your brain health - up to $220 in value
  • Uplink™ supply packs - up to $190 in value


Studies show in many cases that applying a very low amplitude alternating electric current may help with anxiety and insomnia. And while we know from the research that Uplink™ isn't for everyone, for many Uplink™ offers an effective way to treat anxiety and insomnia. Take control of your mental health and choose Uplink™.

Safety is a priority for us. We manufacture Uplink™ at our FDA registered facility in Boulder, Colorado to medical device standards which include 21 CFR 820, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971. And, CES devices like Uplink™ have 1,000,000s of use cases establishing a broad safety profile.

Since Uplink™ is prescription only your clinician will need to complete this form prior to our shipping your order.

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