You have depression.
It's serious.
We can help make treatment affordable.

Depression screening is free.
Treatment isn't. 
We can help for $79 / month.

The Pitch

So, here’s our pitch: consider subscribing to our FREE newsletter -- Brain Booster Update -- to help us out, and we will start helping you out by sending you FREE  samples, discount codes for our products and quality information to help you naturally optimize your brain health and to help you fight depression and win!

Who are we? 

We are a small company on a mission to help people achieve optimal mental health. Our folks have devoted a lot of their lives to helping kids and families achieve great brain health. Steve and Howard worked for 8 years at FDA getting the first EEG-based diagnostic device for ADHD cleared by the Agency. Why? After awhile there’s no way to recoup that kind of investment. You have to want to help. Jim has worked for years on EEG amps and stimulators. Ken and Mike manage quality and build your devices. David and Jim develop new products to help. Shaquana trains doctors and patients and processes EEG. Matt supports customers and Tara is our wonderful sales person. Linda and Rhonda make everything work. We are all devoted to helping you and your family. 

The Close

Affordable depression treatment
-FDA cleared medical device-
$400 in savings
Rent for $79 / month cancel anytime


The Deets

For a limited time get over $400 in savings. Uplink™ - retails for $699. For $79 a month you get Uplink™ plus every month you’ll get supplies and Brain Booster. That’s over $400 in savings. Cancel anytime.

Treat your depression, anxiety or insomnia without drugs with  Uplink™, an FDA cleared medical device.  Uplink applies a weak alternating electrical current behind the ears to treat your symptoms.  

Studies show in many cases that applying a very low amplitude alternating electric current may help  with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  And while we know from the research that Uplink™ isn't for everyone, for many Uplink™ offers an effective way to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia.  Take control of your mental health and choose Uplink™.

If you buy Uplink™ the return policy is 30 days with a nominal restocking/re-manufacturing fee.

If you rent Uplink™, then you get over $400 in free Omega-3s and supplies and after 10 months you own the medical device. This is an amazing deal!

Our Promise

1. Deals. We promise to give you great deals and accurate information about mental health.

2. Treat you right. We have a track record and we will try to treat you like we want to be treated. We won’t stalk you around the internet with weird remarketing ads. We won’t bombard you with email.

3. Decent Folk.  We respect your privacy and we try to be decent people. We’ve been in business helping families with mental health for over 15 years. We have worked confidentially with 100s of clinicians and over 10,000+ patients. We are HIPAA compliant. We’ve spent years working with FDA designing and running clinical trials and getting our medical devices cleared for marketing. We are located in the USA in Boulder, CO and Augusta GA. We manufacture our products in the USA. Our facilities are inspected by FDA and yearly by British Standards Institute (BSI) to ensure our medical devices are designed, manufactured and marketed correctly.

Read our reviews for Brain Booster, for example. They show we don’t hold back: We publish every review we get on our website – good, bad, and lovely. Go see for yourself.

4. Great products.  We have great fairly priced products that we stand behind – easy returns and great deals.  We try to price our products fairly and we offer great deals. For example, you can rent or buy Uplink™.